Tuesday, May 27, 2014


HI,  Happy Memorial day!
 Holidays don't really exist in this mission. The work goes forth. This week went so fast I blink and it's Monday again. Oh, so last Thursday was my year mark when I went into the MTC! crazy!!!!! Any ways on to more important things. We went on exchanges on Saturday. Tt was great.  I was back in my first area again for a day. It was fun to walk down some of those roads and let the memories come back! Some nice things about this exchange was to remember to be me not this robot missionary, which was starting to happen to me. It felt nice. Something I am trying to do is to have a deeper personal relationship with my Savior. When I have been reading the Book of Mormon I underline Christ's name with blue and different Christ like attributes in different colors. I'm working on this so I don't have anything cool to tell you about it yet. but it is giving me a new drive for my studies. 
    So we are working with a less active member. Sister Curtner. I love her to pieces. She is starting to come back to church. we meet with her every Thursday. She is super funny and has lots of spunk. I'm pretty sure we were friends before this life. And guess what she is dyslexic like me! It's lots of fun. She has a strong testimony of the church and defends the churches name. She was going to be at church this last Sunday but then a family dilemma can up. But she will come next week. She really wants to be there. Our investigator, Zebulun has been kind of nervous this week. We asked if we could meet him at the church, but for some reason he doesn't want to meet at the church. So this week we are going to try to understated why.
     I love you all so much no matter how far you are. 
Till we write again
Sister Henderson             

Monday, May 19, 2014

Crazy Good

   This week has been crazy good. We were able to meet back up with Christina, an investigator we had. Life got crazy for her for a little bit, but now she will have time to meet with us again. Also we are teaching this man named Zebulun. We meet him in a park and taught him the first lesson right then and there. He really liked what we had to say, he would say tell me more, I want to know more! We set up a time to meet with him the next week, so last Friday was the next meeting. We would call him during the week to see how he was doing and to remind him of our next lesson. But whenever we called him it would go to his voice mail straight off. So we were worried that he wouldn't show. So Friday came and we were walking to the park to meet with Zebulun and to our excitement he was there and ready. We taught him about the plan of salvation. He had many questions and were able to talk about them. He wasn't able to come to church but next sun he will be there! Sister Young is doing so good. I feel as if she is training me. Love you all so much.
till we write again,
Sister Henderson    

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well transfers are tomorrow and I am staying put. My two compassion's on the other hand are going, because I will be training! I'm a little nervous but excited. So I won't know who my companion until tomorrow. 

 Our week has been good. We were able to teach half of the first lesson to Joann our 88 year old investigator. I am realizing that we will have to go a little slower on the lessons. She has a little bit of a hard time remembering, but that's okay some people take more time. I am glad to be staying in this area. I feel that there are many things I need to do here. Sorry it's short this week but I will get to see you next week! SKIPE   Love you lots.
Till we write/talk again,
Sister Henderson

P.S.  Shon I had Japanese ramen the other day It was way good!