Monday, February 24, 2014

Sister Le

   Hey thanks for all the letters I haven't read them. I printed them off so I could read them later. This week has been good and Sister Le is one amazing Sister! She is a hard worker and gets out there and talks to people. She has so much excitement for sharing the gospel. She has been a member for about two years and has a strong testimony and loves to share it. 
   I do have to say that I miss Sami, Maddi,  and Marti I love them lot's!!! 
   We are teaching this young lady and hopefully her husband soon. Sister Le and sister Andelin contacted her on exchanges last transfer and set up a time to meet with her. We have only taught her the first lesson. We loved it and she wanted us to come back. We gave her the Book of Mormon, and told us she could have it done in a week! My jaw dropped. She said that she has looked into other churches and has liked some things and didn't like other things. She is fun and wants to learn as much as she can. 
     I love this area and love the ward. I'm working on remembering the members names, and the area. The members are so loving and humble they make you feel at home. 
     Something that has been my focus is how to help others recognize the answers from our Father in Heaven. I'm trying to learn how to better teach this principle!     
     Life is great and I love this work and I love you all so much!
Till we write again, 
Sister Henderson  

p.s.  I am still living with members. 

Monday, February 17, 2014


   Our E-mailing got changed this week, and who knows about next week! Because transfers are tomorrow! I am being transferred to fountain valley, It will be fun! It's right next to Huntington Beach, and it's in the last stake I served in. I'm doing some back and forth action here. When I found out I just laughed. The Lord must need me in this corner of the mission! I want you to know that I am trying not to be sarcastic, I am really happy to be going back to that stake. It means that I have more of a chance to see some people that I have come to love! Oh and my new companion is named Sister Lee. I don't know her really I met her once she has been out 3 months and she is from Vietnam. I'll send you a picture when I get one. This week was good there was a lot of meetings and many goodbyes. I'm going to miss lots of people in this area, but also happy to have a change. Change is good it gives us room to to grow and to learn new things. We will be teaching Sami and Maddi to night and it's going to be sad to say buy I love those girl so much and will continue to pray for them. I think this is one of the hard parts of the mission, is that you have to keep saying bye and see you latter to those you come to love. well I will talk to you all latter hope your week has been good. love you tons.
                                                                                                Till we write again,    
                                                                                                     - Sister Henderson          

Monday, February 10, 2014

Time is moving fast.

Hey o ,
               This week came and went. I think that every week goes faster and faster. Any ways this week has been good. The Elders in the ward had a baptism this weekend. Her name is Maria Lee. She is so sweet. We got to know her really well. She wants us to come make tamales with her this next week.
               So here in our mission there are two sets of missionary's to a ward. Just so no one gets confused when I say the Elders in our ward. This last week we did not get to teach Sammy and Maddy, but we got to see them last night and will be teaching then tonight. I love these two girls so much and pray really hard that they will except the gospel. So we also got to see a Spanish baptism this last week, which was great.  You could feel the spirit so strong. Even though I did not understand what was being said, which was okay.  I was thankful for the opportunity it allowed me to focus more on the feeling than the words. I could feel that what this Brother was doing was good and that our Father in Heaven is happy for the choice that was made. What we know and feel in this gospel is so special and needs to be shared.
               We were at the store getting some food for the week and we kinda got in this guys way. We quickly got out of his way and said sorry, he was nice and said jokingly that's okay I don't know what I'm looking for but I know that I need it!  Little did he know how true that statement was.  We should have taken that opportunity to let him know what he needed in his life, but we did not think of it until the opportunity had past. I want to help as many people know of the joy and happiness that comes from this gospel. I love you all so much.  Talk to you next week.
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson   

Monday, February 3, 2014

Carry on sisters

Hey, this week went by super fast for me. It's been one of those weeks that if you asked me what I did, I could not tell you, but we did things I just can't remember. Good thing for planners. Well Sammy and Maddy are doing well Sammy is more in to it then Maddy. Sammy told us she would like to come to church and we were hoping they would have come this last Sunday but Maddy had a soccer tournament out of town this last week end so was not able to make it. But I love these girl lots and still have many questions. We had one of the young woman in the ward come and she was a great help it felt like she taught half of the lesson. We love her, she lives across the street from us. Jill is her name and she always tells us "carry on sisters!"  We think it's the funniest thing. Britt was there when I worked there I think she is super great. Yay!!! Logan!!!! you are #1. Happy Birthday Shon there will be a card in the mail soon. but it's going to home. Shayla and Ashlee way to be! I'm starting to feel better it's been easy to find gluten free this and the mission nurse gave me info on it! Oh I heard that there are going to be 5 new videos in total for the temple! That's pretty neat!  
Well, I love you all so much and keep on keepin' on.
Till we write again,

Sister Henderson