Monday, February 3, 2014

Carry on sisters

Hey, this week went by super fast for me. It's been one of those weeks that if you asked me what I did, I could not tell you, but we did things I just can't remember. Good thing for planners. Well Sammy and Maddy are doing well Sammy is more in to it then Maddy. Sammy told us she would like to come to church and we were hoping they would have come this last Sunday but Maddy had a soccer tournament out of town this last week end so was not able to make it. But I love these girl lots and still have many questions. We had one of the young woman in the ward come and she was a great help it felt like she taught half of the lesson. We love her, she lives across the street from us. Jill is her name and she always tells us "carry on sisters!"  We think it's the funniest thing. Britt was there when I worked there I think she is super great. Yay!!! Logan!!!! you are #1. Happy Birthday Shon there will be a card in the mail soon. but it's going to home. Shayla and Ashlee way to be! I'm starting to feel better it's been easy to find gluten free this and the mission nurse gave me info on it! Oh I heard that there are going to be 5 new videos in total for the temple! That's pretty neat!  
Well, I love you all so much and keep on keepin' on.
Till we write again,

Sister Henderson 

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