Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey, transfers are tomorrow I am staying in Hunting beach, but in a different stake on the north side.  My new companion's name it sister Doil.  She's from Colorado springs.  We were in the same district in the MTC.  She's pretty cool! I'm excited.  

This week has been good; out there talking to people and sharing my testimony! I love being out here to talk to random people and sharing with them what I have found to be true and help them find true happiness! Going up to people is still kinda hard and scary for me. If things were easy we would never grow. So it's good that it's hard! I love the people here in California they are so great.  I have been understanding the love God has for all of us no matter where we may be in life, even if they don't know that He is there.  I want you to know that I know that He is there and He is our Father in Heaven and He wants us to be happy. He has the perfect plan for us to follow and sent His son to show us the way. I am so Blessed to be serving right now, and helping my Brothers and Sisters find their way back home! 

Yay, more kids at home! It was funny to hear about the flood because I have been hearing about fires in Idaho!  Love you all and best of luck this week with school starting!     

till we write again,
Sister Henderson

Monday, August 19, 2013

Zucchini and Car Wash


This week has been good. We ran in to this Pakistani family that let us come in to their home and they even fed us. It was good! It was a stuffed zucchini that reminded me a little bit of those stuffed zucchini blossoms that grandma makes but different. Then they gave us baklava. They were really nice and one of their daughters had talked to some missionaries on the street before and seemed like she had some questions so we are going to try to go back by soon. They were really nice. We also had another car wash.  It went well.  We washed many cars and gave tours of the church! We are still going by the people found from the blitz. Nothing yet. This week is the last week of the transfer and I feel that there is going to be some changing up going on! 

I'm glad you got some berries! Save some for me! I can't believe that school is about to start back up. Ashlee will be in high school and Shayla in collage. where does the time go?  Sorry that there is not much more to talk about this week. Love you all and talk to you soon!
Till we write again
Sister Henderson

P.S. Good job little Logan for protecting those berries and keeping the bears away

P.S.S. Other people are allowed to Email me. It's not against the rules. Sorry I didn't say this earlier.  I might not Email back but I would probably do snail mail back if I have time!  Go to this link to see Sister Henderson's profile.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 1:21 PM

Hey all,

Today we went the temple so we didn't have p-day yesterday it got moved to today! The new video is good. I liked it! I was so happy to go to the temple it was nice just be in there. You could feel the spirit so strong just by being on the grounds of the temple. We have been in the finding mode this and last week. We don't really have anyone solid to teach. But that is okay we are still working hard and blessing peoples lives. Our song on Sunday went okay and I ended up being a minute man and gave a youth talk. Oh and our ward mission leader is now making a list of thing I say wrong! Just like the one on the fridge at home! We had a blitz on Saturday.  All the missionaries in our zone came to our area and knocked on lots of doors and talked to people on the street to help us find people. It went well. We will see if we can get some investigators from it. I can't believe that it time for those boy's to go! time goes so fast! Yeah for huckleberries!!! I'm glad that there are some this year. Ashlee's driving - THAT'S CRAZY!!! But cool! well happy to hear that everyone is well.  Love you all! 
Till we write again!
Sister Henderson

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hey loved ones! 
          This week has sure been different we helped at a funeral and had a baptism in the same day saw some weird things that I hope I won't ever have to see again and I know now how not to fill a font! But before I tell you about the baptism I want to tell you about this girl we met.
          She is about 14 and her name is Jaden. She is Ashlee's age and about to go into high school. We were walking down the street and  saw her with her dog we stopped a talked with her for a little bit and at the end we asked if we could pray with her and if there was something in mind that we could pray for her. She said "pray that I can have the strength to be a good girl and not get lost in the bad things that happens in high school." I was so happy to hear that she wants to be a good girl and I hope and pray that we can help her be that good girl! 
          Our baptism Saturday was a little different. We had started to fill the font up two hours before but the plug was not working. Some elders came to help us and got it plugged.(so we thought) We went on our merry way. The water was going all the way till the baptism started. We had the opening song and talk and it was time for the baptizing but when they had opened the doors half of the water had drained out. But they were going to baptize him anyways! Just so you know he is not a small guy! They had him lay down in the water and the brother who was baptizing him was trying to get his belly under the water, then some other limb would pop up! They finally added more water and were able to baptize him after that. Over all, it was a good baptism, lots of ward members came to support him and he is now a member of the church. My companion and a sister in the ward and I sang a song at the baptism. It was good.
          Sister Andelin loves to sing so we sing a lot! We will be singing in church next Sunday we will see how it goes Sister Andelin thought it would be a good idea if for part of it I sang a solo I don't know how it feel about that. Music is a great way to bring the spirit. There is something special the music brings and it's awesome! The work goes forth and I am blessed to be able to help it! Love you all!   

                                                                                                         Till we write again,
                                                                                                         Sister Henderson