Monday, June 30, 2014

Fair Weather

This week was a little sad. It seemed like not much happened. We did a lot of service and didn't have too many opportunity to be out with the people. The service was fun and I love doing service there's just not any good stories to share. There's a big strawberry patch in our area and when we bike past it you can sell the freshness. It's sooo good, and yes the oranges taste so much better here. I'm glad Ashlee loved girl's camp. Those were good times. So there was a little fair in town for a week end and some members took us over there for dinner. It was fun they had these sandwiches there with waffles. It was different! but fun. Sorry this is all over the place but I love you so much and thanks for everything!
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson 

P.S. The picture with the Elders are with Polynesian dresses. An Elder got one for his mom and we wanted to see what is looked like. Then he told me to put it on and model it! so I did.  His mom's dress fit me.    

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hey all, 

Hope all is well. This last week has been great. I feel this transfer started off on the right foot. Some great things happened this week. We had a ward picnic and our investigators, Angie and Donovan and there little girl came and were able to meet the members and make friendships. Many members asked if they were planning on coming to church. They were a little up in the air about it but we have the best members that were persistent and were able to resolve some of their concerns. We have been trying to get them to come for a little bit but the members were able to do what we have tried. Members are a key to the work. 

So, Sunday they came!!! We were so happy that they were there. We also were praying hard that they would have a great spiritual experience at church. When we were at church I felt that pure joy that comes from getting people to church. To know that they were starting to move forward. This was the biggest hi-light of the week. Also if felt like we traveled the world for a second this week we met a girl our age from Ireland and another lady from Indiana it was really fun! The work keeps going and I love it lots!!! love you all so much and you are in my prayers. Keep the faith!

Till we write again,

Sister Henderson

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!   love Tiffany

Well transfer is here and we are staying put. This next transfer is going to be super good I just know it. So this week was good. Things happened this week, but whenever I sit down to Email I can't remember any of it. So any ways this last week I have been studying obedience and the desire to change and how faith comes in to all of it! Sorry this isn't making sense. Sister Young and I have recorded something so when the SD card gets back I will load it back up with recordings. Okay?  Love you lots! 
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson    

Monday, June 9, 2014

No Show

This week has been good. So this week it seemed like it all fell apart we had some no shows for lessons and some canceled. but yet me and sister young died laughing. when time came to ether be happy or sad when things didn't pan out we decided to laugh it off. we are going to hit the ground running this week! sorry this is short I got a third of the time to e-mail time that I normally have. Love you all so much!
till we write again

sister henderson     

Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm glad that my package got there. well this week was good we have been finding like crazy. last Monday sister young and I decided we were going too fast to find a family that is prepared for the gospel now. Because when you ask specific questions you get specific answers. so three hours in to our fast we go by this family that had been taught before. when we knocked Angie the mom answered the door she was happy to see us and let us in. she told us that she missed the principles the sisters taught her. we were super excited to meet with her. we have been by several time in this week. but that was just the start of our week it seemed the blessing after blessing came our way. we were able to finish the week with finding Chrystal, she was really kind we knocked on her door and talked to her for a second and she told us that we could come back. It was super great!
 Also I got to shake Elder Ballard's hand on Saturday he came to our mission and talked to us. It was neat.
  Zebulon he is Homeless and a very nice man. it's been hit and miss with him lately. sad day
  I'm glad that everyone is doing good and having fun. Happy Late Birthday Shayla there will be a card coming soon I promise. I love you all so much! keep doing your best and the Lord will do the rest!
                                                                                        till we write again,

                                                                                            -Sister Henderson