Monday, June 30, 2014

Fair Weather

This week was a little sad. It seemed like not much happened. We did a lot of service and didn't have too many opportunity to be out with the people. The service was fun and I love doing service there's just not any good stories to share. There's a big strawberry patch in our area and when we bike past it you can sell the freshness. It's sooo good, and yes the oranges taste so much better here. I'm glad Ashlee loved girl's camp. Those were good times. So there was a little fair in town for a week end and some members took us over there for dinner. It was fun they had these sandwiches there with waffles. It was different! but fun. Sorry this is all over the place but I love you so much and thanks for everything!
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson 

P.S. The picture with the Elders are with Polynesian dresses. An Elder got one for his mom and we wanted to see what is looked like. Then he told me to put it on and model it! so I did.  His mom's dress fit me.    

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