Monday, July 28, 2014


            You're right, transfers are here and I am being transferred to Whittier on the other sided of the mission. First time out of Huntington Beach! Also I have been called to be a sister training leader. Kinda crazy!!! What a sister training leader does is goes on exchanges with other sisters and is a sister they can go to for help. My companion's name is sister Pendleton. She is also a sister training leader. 
            It's been really hot and humid lately. Just thought you would like to know! 
            So yesterday and today I have been saying bye to people I have come to love. I almost started to cry when I said buy to Marco. He told me to keep in touch with him. He told me that we are family now. My heart was and is filled with so much love for him. He doesn't have any family and we have only known him for three weeks but he is searching for the truth and wants to know what God wants him to do. Hopefully, he can enter the waters of baptism soon. It's sad to say bye
            But I know it is time for me to go. I will go where he wants me to go. I will do what he wants me to do! I love the Lord and his work.
Till we write again, 
Sister Henderson  

Monday, July 21, 2014

FHE and Fasting

   Thank you so much! 
   So this week has been really good. It started out with having a family home Evening with our little investigating family. We had a little lesson on honesty and played a little game to go with it so that Serenity could stay involved. We are hoping to do it again tonight but with some help form a family in the ward.
  We had a ward activity this last Friday and it was a great turn out. We had three investigators come and a less active member come with her nonmember boyfriend and the best part was the members greeted them with arms wide open. It seemed that everyone had a great time!
   Then Sunday, sister Curtner (one of my favorites) spoke in church. It was great. She had been working on it for a little bit. She has been returning to being active at church. So this was a big step for her! We also had Marco at church for the first time. We found Marco about two weeks ago. We came out of a lesson one night and were on our way back to our car and we almost past him then decided that we needed to talk to him. He is so great. We had a lesson on fasting in Sunday school and at the end he said that he had fasted to come today and he told us that he liked it a lot. He told us he felt a strong connection with us two! and again the members were so kind and loving he felt so loved! I LOVE MEMBERS!!!!
   We worked really hard this week and all the weeks before and we are seeing the fruit now and how great the feeling is!  Thanks for all the prayer. I pray that this next week is super for everyone!
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson   

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good Week

HEY This week is super good. So today we got a mini missionary! Here in our mission they let some of the youth come and be missionaries for a week or to during the summer. I think it's to help them see what missions are like. It's fun! Her name is Sister Pineda. She will be with us for the rest of the transfer.
 So this week I had a meeting with President Tew. It was good. At the end, we got talking about Wyoming and when he was younger he remembers going to Pierre's Playhouse. It was funny, he was telling me about how the villain would give a monologue at intermission. 
  So this week we had a lesson with our little investigator family, and how important it is to strengthen our relationships. We went over The Family: a proclamation to the world. They loved it. At the end, Donovan, the dad, helped his little girl say the closing prayer. It was one of the sweetest prayers. He prayed that they could get baptized so that some day they can be sealed for eternity.
    We meet this family from Egypt. It  was cool. They said we can come back.
This day is crazy, but good. I'm glad every one is having fun!  Love you forever!
                                                                                                           Till we write again,

                                                                                                                  Sister Henderson  

Finding yourself when you loose yourself!

July 8, 2014

Hi all my loved ones!!!
This week was a big life changing week for me! Super good and spiritual. So many things happened.  We met this lady named Amanda last Sunday and have been helping her unpack and teaching her. She's really great. 
   Last night we had a great lesson with our little family about faith and what we need to do to make it grow (Alma 32). How church is important and is one of the thing that will help our faith keep growing. The spirit was there so strong and they committed to come to church. They haven't come in two weeks. but they will be there this Sunday!!!
    So this week I personally went on a spiritual journey and it hurt a lot but was much needed, and in the end I came out a better person. I know what kind of person I want to be. So I can to realized that I haven't been liking my self lately. Here is the reason why, because I have been sooo selfish lately, only thinking about myself. Selfishness is the root to most of our problems. IT IS POISON I TELL YOU POISON!!!!! It is one of the easiest things to fall into if we are not careful. It is hard to love yourself (witch sounds weird but true) and harder to love others. We all need to remember that we are children of God. we are all important. So look for Gods love and look for different ways to help someone else know of that love. There are so many people that don't know that they are loved. FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY. If we can master theses three attributes this hole world would be better. 
    So this last Sunday this less active member that we have been working with came to sacrament meeting! We have been working with her for a little bit. Sisters have been working with for years. But now she has been acting. She will be giving a talk this or next Sunday in sacrament meeting. We are so excited for it! I love her so much. She has really been moving forward.
    I love you so much and thank you for all the prayer and love.  
                                                                                                    Till we wright again,
                                                                                                        Sister Henderson  
P.S. We were able to go to the temple today it was so good to be there.