Monday, July 28, 2014


            You're right, transfers are here and I am being transferred to Whittier on the other sided of the mission. First time out of Huntington Beach! Also I have been called to be a sister training leader. Kinda crazy!!! What a sister training leader does is goes on exchanges with other sisters and is a sister they can go to for help. My companion's name is sister Pendleton. She is also a sister training leader. 
            It's been really hot and humid lately. Just thought you would like to know! 
            So yesterday and today I have been saying bye to people I have come to love. I almost started to cry when I said buy to Marco. He told me to keep in touch with him. He told me that we are family now. My heart was and is filled with so much love for him. He doesn't have any family and we have only known him for three weeks but he is searching for the truth and wants to know what God wants him to do. Hopefully, he can enter the waters of baptism soon. It's sad to say bye
            But I know it is time for me to go. I will go where he wants me to go. I will do what he wants me to do! I love the Lord and his work.
Till we write again, 
Sister Henderson  

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