Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oh life is good

          It's sad to hear about great Aunt Wanda. I think she's great.
          Well this transfer has been super good. Yes it means we have less time to work in our area. I just Love my companion she is a super star! This week has been crazy busy and fun. It also has been super hot and humid even more so than in the last area. Whittier is the hottest place in our mission! I don't think I have ever sweat so much in my life. But loving every second of it. There is a lot of great things going on over here. This week we had dinner with this family were the mom is a member and her husband and daughter are not. They are a fun family. We asked if we could teach them the lessons and they agreed. It will be great to see this family grow.
          Really cute story we were biking along and saw this lady with her grandson in the front lawn. We stopped to talk to them. We asked her if she knew of any one that needed a message of hope. She looked around and then pointed to her grandson. Told us he needed one. He is 6 years old. She told us that his dad had to leave for two years and would have no contact with him. He was in the blues about that. But it was really neat to talk with him, and talk about Gods love for us and how we can feel it. By the time we were done he was much happier about things. The grandma thanked us and told us that God does his work through people, and she knew that God had sent us at that time. I know that as we do our best we are in the right place at the right time. The Lord is truly blessing us in this work! I love you all and have lots of fun at the lodge for me okay! OH check out the new mormon massage on it's a good one and everyone needs to see it!!!!!!!
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson  

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