Sunday, August 17, 2014


          Sorry we Email earlier now. Hope the lodge was fun! This week was super fun and long. We whet on two exchanges this week. It felt like I wasn't even in my area for half of the time. But that's okay. I got to know more of the sisters in our mission that I didn't know very well. One may be a roommate at school!
          So yesterday we met this man that was missing a few marbles. It was a little scary/ funny but we luckily had a brother from the ward with us. But this man was telling us that we were going to burn, then the next second he decided that I was the one for him and wanted me for his bride. I told him I was already taken and we got out of there. The Church is true and God loves you! Sorry this is super short but I love you all so much!   
                                                                          Till we write again

                                                                               Sister Henderson

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