Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life is on the go!

            It seemed like my week went like a blink of an eye!
            The third member of our threesome name is Sister Smith and she's from Utah. Transfers will be next Tuesday. This transfer is 5 weeks. This week we got to help out with a community service. It was a lot of fun. Our job was to put new mulch in the flower beds.
            So many missionaries in our zone have been getting sick so far our companionship has not got it. Knock on wood! 
            We had zone conference this last week that was really good. Our mission president, President Tew, gave a really good training on how to teach more buy talking less. He was showing us how to teach simply with simple statements of truth and ask thoughtful questions. It was nice Sometimes we missionaries just ramble on and on to fill time. I like simple. It puts a lot less stress on me and allows the spirit to do his job because he is the real teacher.
            Yesterday at church we had a 95 year old member speak. She is so sweet and is one of the happiest people and she remembers everyone's name. Every once in awhile we will go see her and see how she is doing. Also she is very missionary minded. She told us that she gave a Book of Mormon to one of her friends. We are trying to set up a time where we could come and meet her friend. 
            Also yesterday we met with a less active member and her fiancĂ©e (who is not a member) and were able to teach them that God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families, and how we can make covenants with God like baptism. It was good talking with them and we will be going back again soon!
            I want you to know that I love you all so much and am so blessed that I know you all!
Till we write again

Sister Henderson    

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pray with Faith

     Today we got to go to the temple. It was so nice. I thought that it was a nice place to be on this great day.
     It seemed like nothing to exciting happened this week, but yet it was exciting at the same time. A less-active member we have been working with came to church on Sunday, and we taught a primary class.  So it was one of my favorite Sundays! 
     Something fun that happened is that we are starting to teach an 88 year old lady. She is sweet and loves to laugh. We meet her visiting a member who lives in the same apartment (it's kind of a senior living place). She was talking to the member and working on a puzzle. She said she would love to come to church and would love for us to come back. Of course we are still always trying to find more people to teach. I love being here and love all that I am learning. 
     Something that I have been working on this last week or so is having a prayer of faith. In Preach My Gospel, chapter 4 or 5 "Recognizing the Spirit", there's a section on pray with faith. It has changed my prayers forever. You all need to check in out, since we all should have a preach my gospel, as advised in general conference. I know that when you read that section, your prayer will change and become stronger. It has for me. When we have strong prayers, everything else we do starts to become stronger. I know that this will happen because it is changing me. There has been several times in the last week or so that I have been able to say or do things that I would have been too scared to do before. I have been able to see more blessing that the Lord has put in my life. As we put our trust in him he puts more trust in us! This is my challenge you this week - read PMG pray with faith! I love you all forever and ever!
Till we write again,

Sister Henderson         

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey O,

Sounds like things keep moving on, back at home.  In my brain it's still the same.  
Well any way, the week was fast but really good.  Finding 2nd cousins in my area was super cool. They said that they would have us back over soon. It was a big tender mercy from the Lord. my birthday was good it was really low key, but really good. this week I got a little sick but am almost over it. So this last week our zone leaders sat us down to see how they could help us find people to teach and helped us set some goals to help us strengthen our faith. We hadn't found anyone to teach for the last 7 weeks which has been really hard on us. But thanks for great leaders and other missionaries that care.  They have helped us lots. Our faith has been a little week and we decided we wanted to be done with that. So this last week we started changing some things that are in our control. Our faith is growing and we're putting more trust in the Lord.  We are already are seeing the miracles. We have a lesson with someone on Tuesday that we knocked into, and a referral from a member. It's amazing what a little faith can do! President Tew said "Opportunity is a mindset" and how true that is.  We decide what we want to see. I know that when we ask the Lord he will help us see the things that are already there. Sometimes we just need to look at it from a different side. the Lord's side! I love you lots and thanks for everything you do!  Keep the Faith!! 
till we write again,
Sister Henderson

P.S. Oh there was a less active that got me flours on my B-day! And HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hi.  Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!
          This week has been really good and has had lots of laughter. Conference was so good the best yet!!!
          This week we were able to meet some of the less active members that we have been trying to meet for a while. It was good, they even told us to come back. Other than that we are trying to find people to teach.  I feel like last transfer and this one has been trying my faith. I feel that the Lord is giving me opportunity to strengthen my faith in different ways in my life. Sometimes we get broken down so that the Lord can build us back up to be even stronger, and prepare for the next storm. I know life is not meant to be easy or fair. We have to keep working and keep going. But I am so thankful we don't have to do it alone. We have been shown the way, it will be hard and hurt at times. But there is much joy and beauty all along the way. It all depends on the way we look at it. Life is hard and then we die. But, boy oh boy is it worth it! Love you forever and more!
Till we write again
Sister Henderson