Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey O,

Sounds like things keep moving on, back at home.  In my brain it's still the same.  
Well any way, the week was fast but really good.  Finding 2nd cousins in my area was super cool. They said that they would have us back over soon. It was a big tender mercy from the Lord. my birthday was good it was really low key, but really good. this week I got a little sick but am almost over it. So this last week our zone leaders sat us down to see how they could help us find people to teach and helped us set some goals to help us strengthen our faith. We hadn't found anyone to teach for the last 7 weeks which has been really hard on us. But thanks for great leaders and other missionaries that care.  They have helped us lots. Our faith has been a little week and we decided we wanted to be done with that. So this last week we started changing some things that are in our control. Our faith is growing and we're putting more trust in the Lord.  We are already are seeing the miracles. We have a lesson with someone on Tuesday that we knocked into, and a referral from a member. It's amazing what a little faith can do! President Tew said "Opportunity is a mindset" and how true that is.  We decide what we want to see. I know that when we ask the Lord he will help us see the things that are already there. Sometimes we just need to look at it from a different side. the Lord's side! I love you lots and thanks for everything you do!  Keep the Faith!! 
till we write again,
Sister Henderson

P.S. Oh there was a less active that got me flours on my B-day! And HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sister Tiffany Henderson is in a threesome currently. They were invited to some member's house for dinner and discovered that it was my cousin Steven Arnold and his family.


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