Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pray with Faith

     Today we got to go to the temple. It was so nice. I thought that it was a nice place to be on this great day.
     It seemed like nothing to exciting happened this week, but yet it was exciting at the same time. A less-active member we have been working with came to church on Sunday, and we taught a primary class.  So it was one of my favorite Sundays! 
     Something fun that happened is that we are starting to teach an 88 year old lady. She is sweet and loves to laugh. We meet her visiting a member who lives in the same apartment (it's kind of a senior living place). She was talking to the member and working on a puzzle. She said she would love to come to church and would love for us to come back. Of course we are still always trying to find more people to teach. I love being here and love all that I am learning. 
     Something that I have been working on this last week or so is having a prayer of faith. In Preach My Gospel, chapter 4 or 5 "Recognizing the Spirit", there's a section on pray with faith. It has changed my prayers forever. You all need to check in out, since we all should have a preach my gospel, as advised in general conference. I know that when you read that section, your prayer will change and become stronger. It has for me. When we have strong prayers, everything else we do starts to become stronger. I know that this will happen because it is changing me. There has been several times in the last week or so that I have been able to say or do things that I would have been too scared to do before. I have been able to see more blessing that the Lord has put in my life. As we put our trust in him he puts more trust in us! This is my challenge you this week - read PMG pray with faith! I love you all forever and ever!
Till we write again,

Sister Henderson         

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