Monday, July 21, 2014

FHE and Fasting

   Thank you so much! 
   So this week has been really good. It started out with having a family home Evening with our little investigating family. We had a little lesson on honesty and played a little game to go with it so that Serenity could stay involved. We are hoping to do it again tonight but with some help form a family in the ward.
  We had a ward activity this last Friday and it was a great turn out. We had three investigators come and a less active member come with her nonmember boyfriend and the best part was the members greeted them with arms wide open. It seemed that everyone had a great time!
   Then Sunday, sister Curtner (one of my favorites) spoke in church. It was great. She had been working on it for a little bit. She has been returning to being active at church. So this was a big step for her! We also had Marco at church for the first time. We found Marco about two weeks ago. We came out of a lesson one night and were on our way back to our car and we almost past him then decided that we needed to talk to him. He is so great. We had a lesson on fasting in Sunday school and at the end he said that he had fasted to come today and he told us that he liked it a lot. He told us he felt a strong connection with us two! and again the members were so kind and loving he felt so loved! I LOVE MEMBERS!!!!
   We worked really hard this week and all the weeks before and we are seeing the fruit now and how great the feeling is!  Thanks for all the prayer. I pray that this next week is super for everyone!
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson   

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