Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey, transfers are tomorrow I am staying in Hunting beach, but in a different stake on the north side.  My new companion's name it sister Doil.  She's from Colorado springs.  We were in the same district in the MTC.  She's pretty cool! I'm excited.  

This week has been good; out there talking to people and sharing my testimony! I love being out here to talk to random people and sharing with them what I have found to be true and help them find true happiness! Going up to people is still kinda hard and scary for me. If things were easy we would never grow. So it's good that it's hard! I love the people here in California they are so great.  I have been understanding the love God has for all of us no matter where we may be in life, even if they don't know that He is there.  I want you to know that I know that He is there and He is our Father in Heaven and He wants us to be happy. He has the perfect plan for us to follow and sent His son to show us the way. I am so Blessed to be serving right now, and helping my Brothers and Sisters find their way back home! 

Yay, more kids at home! It was funny to hear about the flood because I have been hearing about fires in Idaho!  Love you all and best of luck this week with school starting!     

till we write again,
Sister Henderson

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