Monday, January 27, 2014

Great Blessing

 This last week was good. We are starting to find more people to teach. At the beginning of the week we went to see an inactive member.  We have tried by many times but this time she was home she is super nice and a really happy person. She introduced herself and asked if we were missionary's. She did not know that sisters did proselyting missions like the Elders. She thought that sisters just worked at church sites and/or visitor centers. She thought it was nice that we were out serving. Then she asked us if we could come teach her daughters about the gospel! So we set up the time to come back when both of her daughters would be there. We taught them on Wednesday and taught the plan of salvation. Sister White (their mom) asked if we could start with that lesson. Sister White has two daughters Sammy (15) and Maddy (13) they are great girls. Maddy reminds me a little bit of Ashlee. They had so many questions and listened to everything we said. Sister White was even helping us out with some of what she could remember, we also had a young woman that came with us that was a great help. We are going back tonight to teach the restoration. I love these girls and pray that their minds will continue to be open and they can know of the truth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the biggest blessing in this life, to have guidelines that help us make it back home. Love you all so much!

Till we write again,

Sister Henderson    

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