Monday, February 17, 2014


   Our E-mailing got changed this week, and who knows about next week! Because transfers are tomorrow! I am being transferred to fountain valley, It will be fun! It's right next to Huntington Beach, and it's in the last stake I served in. I'm doing some back and forth action here. When I found out I just laughed. The Lord must need me in this corner of the mission! I want you to know that I am trying not to be sarcastic, I am really happy to be going back to that stake. It means that I have more of a chance to see some people that I have come to love! Oh and my new companion is named Sister Lee. I don't know her really I met her once she has been out 3 months and she is from Vietnam. I'll send you a picture when I get one. This week was good there was a lot of meetings and many goodbyes. I'm going to miss lots of people in this area, but also happy to have a change. Change is good it gives us room to to grow and to learn new things. We will be teaching Sami and Maddi to night and it's going to be sad to say buy I love those girl so much and will continue to pray for them. I think this is one of the hard parts of the mission, is that you have to keep saying bye and see you latter to those you come to love. well I will talk to you all latter hope your week has been good. love you tons.
                                                                                                Till we write again,    
                                                                                                     - Sister Henderson          

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