Monday, February 10, 2014

Time is moving fast.

Hey o ,
               This week came and went. I think that every week goes faster and faster. Any ways this week has been good. The Elders in the ward had a baptism this weekend. Her name is Maria Lee. She is so sweet. We got to know her really well. She wants us to come make tamales with her this next week.
               So here in our mission there are two sets of missionary's to a ward. Just so no one gets confused when I say the Elders in our ward. This last week we did not get to teach Sammy and Maddy, but we got to see them last night and will be teaching then tonight. I love these two girls so much and pray really hard that they will except the gospel. So we also got to see a Spanish baptism this last week, which was great.  You could feel the spirit so strong. Even though I did not understand what was being said, which was okay.  I was thankful for the opportunity it allowed me to focus more on the feeling than the words. I could feel that what this Brother was doing was good and that our Father in Heaven is happy for the choice that was made. What we know and feel in this gospel is so special and needs to be shared.
               We were at the store getting some food for the week and we kinda got in this guys way. We quickly got out of his way and said sorry, he was nice and said jokingly that's okay I don't know what I'm looking for but I know that I need it!  Little did he know how true that statement was.  We should have taken that opportunity to let him know what he needed in his life, but we did not think of it until the opportunity had past. I want to help as many people know of the joy and happiness that comes from this gospel. I love you all so much.  Talk to you next week.
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson   

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