Saturday, June 1, 2013

First P-day

Hey everyone, today is my first P day, so I get to write. The MTC is hard! One of the hardest weeks ever, but I have learned so much. In class we are learning about the needs of our investigators and how to teach them. I feel that I will be able to teach someone something. I can't wait to get to the mission field.  So on that note I have a funny story for you - so at meals we as a district sit together, so Monday at lunch this Elder Wilson was sitting across the  table from me and without him knowing I put salt in his water. so lunch went on and he had still had not drunk his water so I thought that he was not going to. But right before he left the table he chugged it down and didn't realize what had happened until he was done with the water. His face was so funny! Every one laughed - even him. I'm glad I can still laugh!  I'm nervous, but I know that the Lord will not let me fail if I am willing to do my part, even if it's not that big! Love you all!  And thanks for the prayers.
Sister Henderson

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