Monday, October 21, 2013

Love Changes People


This week has been a good week! We are out there with the people and knocking doors, and letting the members know that we are excited to be here and are loving the work. We are meeting with a lady named Katie tomorrow (she has a young family) to talk about the gospel. She just moved into the ward boundaries. Some Elders had meet with her before and now we get to teach her! There is another lady that we are starting to teach, named Cara. She is so great. I like her a lot. She feels that she has been prepared to hear what we have to say. She wants to have a relationship with God. I pray that we can help her feel of the spirit. I know the gospel can bless her and her family.

I am learning and remembering how love is so powerful. I am starting to see that some of the best member missionaries are the ones that love those around them! They share the gospel with them because they love them and want them to have the most happiness they can have. even when their friends do not except it, their friends know it's because they care for them and want the best for them. 

Riding a bike is fine I just wear leggings. I did have a crash the first week in the field and have a nice scar.

We love people in to this gospel. Love has great power. President Thomas S. Monson said many times "True love can alter human lives and change human nature."  I have seen it in my life time and time again I know my life has been changed for the better because there are many people in this world that love me. Also I have a Father In Heaven that loves me and help me change each day! I love this gospel and am love'n the people.

Love you lots!!!!
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson 

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