Monday, November 3, 2014

Listening to the Spirit

Hey sounds like things haven't stopped moving!  
I don't really remember what happened this week we had three exchanges and everyday just blends together. one of the exchanges was with sister young!!!! It was fun to be back with her for a day.  so here is a story for you I was on a exchange with sister Dunston and we were on bikes in a housing track. and as missionaries we are to talk with everyone. so we were biking along and we passed this man that was painting a house and the thought came- you need to talk with that man and ignored it. It's still hard for me to talk with everyone. so we kept biking and went to the next place we were planning on going. sister Dunston and I were in my area and I'm still finding my way around. so somehow we ended up back by the man painting the house and the thought came again as we were passing him. as we went passed I said Hello. and passed him. after we passed I knew we needed to go back. so I stopped and told sister Dunston we needed to go back. so we did and talked to him. he had broken English but knew enough to talk for a second. he had questions about the church and wants to know more! It was so amazing how small and simple the spirit speaks to you but how great the results are when we follow them, and how God will give us opportunities to prove ourselves after we mess up! he wants his children to come and continues to mark the path. I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you! I love where I'm at and I love this gospel!    

Till we write again,
Sister Henderson  

P.S. Happy Halloween!!!   

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