Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey All,

This week has been great! Keith is still on for this saturday. He has been taught since the middle of May. This last Tuesday I got to go on exchanges. It was lots of fun. I got to be in a trio for a day. The sisters were so cool. I love them. I definitely learned how to be more loving towards others that I meet on the street. Something that the Lord keeps on teaching me and reminding me is that I need to give it my all, every day ,so I can prove to the Lord that He can trust me with His work. And put prepared people in my path to help them come closer to Christ. This week we went by a potential investigator and thinking that we would just get the door slammed in our face but when this lady saw us she was really excited and talked to us for a good 45 minutes. She kept on saying, "tell me more." It was so neat to be able to talk to her and feel the Spirit. She kept on telling us that she felt lost and in my mind I knew that we could help her find the path and that this gospel is the way to get back to our Heavenly Father. What a great blessing it is to know that we have that knowledge today. I am so blessed to be out here helping others find that way. I love this mission and the people and my companion. We have lots of laughs. And the work is great. Love you all. Sounds like there are lots of adventures going on. And everyone stay off the sidewalks! You guys are the best!

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