Monday, July 22, 2013

It's been two months

Hey everyone! This week has been good! Nothing to exciting happened. One cool thing that happened was we were walking down a street when we crossed paths with two guys. They saw that we were missionaries and one of them said that he was just baptized in a church! He then asked if we were Mormons and we talked with him for a little bit and ended up making a return appointment! We were able to teach him the first lesson. He wanted to read the Book of Mormon. But we have to give him to the singles ward Elders, but that is okay. The work is great and I love the people here! Also today is the day I went in to the MTC two months ago. Crazy! Some days it feels like I have been out longer and others seem like it has not been that long! Time mostly flies when you're having fun! Here are some pics hope you like then!!!! love you All! till we write again, Sister Henderson

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