Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Joker

This week has been great. I'm starting to know the area better, and the members are great, there's a family that I just love. The first time I met them the dad scared me so bad!!! It was a funny joke, and he had my hart racing. He acted like this guy that just got out of prison and he was asking me all these questions with a straight face and randomly ask me if I was nervous. After he asked me if I was nervous, I got nervous and was wondering what was going on. But right before we went in to meet them, Sister Doyle told me that the dad was a little different. She was in on the joke, but I took it like a champ and laugh it off!  They have a daughter serving in the Philippines, and one getting ready to go to Mexico. The family is great and me and the father have the same birthday.  It's cool!

So Rich, the guy we are teaching, is so awesome he just wants to learn all he can. Every lesson so far has been good.  I know that the spirit has been there every time and he is always so willing to do whatever we invite him to do. He came to church on Sunday and stayed the whole time. I am so thankful to be with Sister Doyle she is a great teacher and I am learning so much from her. She loves to teach and is teaching me how to be a better teacher. We had a zone meeting and got some training on how to find the essential doctrines that we teach and teach it. Also to ask inspired questions to help them learn themselves. The Lord is blessing us every day and gives us lot of opportunities to Learn and grow! I love this Mission and everything about it. Love you all and Pray for you!

Till we write again
Sister Henderson          

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