Monday, September 23, 2013

Baptism and tacos

Hey this week has been great.  Rich is GETTING BAPTIZED!!!  It will happen on Saturday.  We are so excited!  We are still trying to meet with Eric.  His schedule changes a lot. I am so excited to hear the broadcast.  I love this time of year! So last night, we ate at a members home and we had tacos and at this home it's a contest to see how many you can eat. I had 8. Sister Doyle had 12 !!! they were so good. The record is 19. It was Fun!  Any way Rich is excited to be baptized he knows that all of this is true and he calls the warm feeling that the spirit gives "warm fuzzies!" He is still going strong on no tobacco. He also makes some of the best cup cakes I have ever had!  Right now in my reading I am in Alma the chapters of missionary work.  These chapters have a new light to them! I read chapter 29 today.  It's where Alma says "O that I were an angel," then later says "I should be content with the things the Lord has allotted unto me!" It got me thinking about where are my desires and how can I alien them to be more in harmony with the Lord. Something I'm thinking about! I love the Lord and everything he does for me he knows how to make me the best person I can be! I know that this gospel is the restored gospel back on the earth today. I know that family's will be together forever, and am thankful to know that. Love you all!
                                                                                                Till we write again
                                                                                                          Sister Henderson          

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