Monday, November 4, 2013


This week has been good. Halloween was quiet, and we ate taco soup. It was fun!

Some great things happened this week. So on Saturday we had a blitz, and I was with sister Turner. Our zone had a goal to contact 9 people during the blitz along with some other goals. So it was getting to the end of the blitz and time to head back to meet the other missionary's and we needed to contact 1 more person to help out our zone! We were on our way back to the car and could see the car and no one was out and about. then I turned to sister Turner and said do you have the faith that we can find one more person to talk to? She said yes and I had the faith that it would happen. So we walk on towards the car then all of the sudden a garage door opened and someone came out of the garage! It was so cool miracles happen. 

Also last night we went by some people that had some potential. We had several names down to go see and none of them were slightly interested but for the second to last one. At first she was leaning towards no because she wasn't quite sure if there was a God because of things that had happened in her life. But we told her that as missionaries we could help her find out for herself. She said she would like that. She said we could come back so we set up an appointment with her, and had a prayer and went on our way. I already love Nickola she is so great. I know this gospel will bless her! I know that miracles still happen all around us. We just need to open our eyes. I have been praying to see them and they are there. I just need to look. Love you all lots!
                                                                                                     Till we write again

        Sister Henderson   

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