Monday, November 18, 2013

Dreams happen


Well I will be staying in the same area but will have a different companion. Her name is Sister Bowls and guess what she was also in my MTC district. It's kinda funny! thank you for Rachel's address that's great and I'm glad she and Mila's family are safe. I can't believe Amber is home where does the time go?  well the week has been good over here in HB always a perfect sunny summer day! Some really neat things happened this week. Last Monday we stopped by this lady named Cara to see how she was doing we had not been able to get a hole of her for a little bit and we know that she would be leaving for Australia soon and we wanted to see her before she left. so we got a little package together of little things to keep her kids entertained on the trip. we stopped by and she was home. Cara was so happy to see us, and really liked the gift. She told us that they were leaving the next day, then she came out side to talk to us for a little bit because there was some thing she wanted to tell us. She said that the night before we came over she had a dream and we were in it and that she could feel of Gods love all around her. But see said that she keep waking and every time she feel asleep we were in her dream. she had a look on her face that said am I crazy. we told her that we believe that God can talk to us in many way. she told us that she was taking the Book of Mormon with her because she was going to have lots of down time and will call us when she gets back in town. Then gave us a huge and we went on our way. when we walked back to the car we realized how much God has a big hand in our life's. We looked back on our day and was able to see how all the event that happened that day that allowed us to be there at the right time. we did not plan on going over there that Monday. But things happened that allowed us to be there. Because if we would have gone a day later she would have been gone and a day earlier she would have not had the dream. I know that our Father in Heaven is aware of all of us and is in control. I am so thankful to know that He is there and Loves us so much and knows what is going on in our life. He puts people in our path for a reason. I know that we have a Father in Heaven that loves us and is some one we can trust everything to. Lots of love!

                                                                                                    Till we wright again
                                                                                                            Sister Henderson

P.S. have lots of fun for me and lots of pics and big hugs all around!

Mon, Nov 11, 2013

Hi. this week has been good a little frustrating or investigators keep canceling on us but other then that it's been good. I'm glad Grandpa had a good birthday. So transfers are coming up  they are on the 19th. That will be fun! also next transfer Elder Packer will be coming to speak to us. that will be cool, and sister Doyle and I are participating in the choir. we had several trips to the doctor this week, most of it was for sister Doyle she has troubles with her hips. one was for me but don't worry I'm fine I just have a viruos that will run it's course. also can some one see if Rachel Walker is ok in the Philippines? Please!!!  and maybe some addresses to the other girls on missions that I went to school with? sorry that my letter is short, I'll do better next time love you all.

Till we write again 
Sister Henderson 

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