Wednesday, December 11, 2013


My week has been good. We when out to dinner with a sister from our ward this week. We were sitting down at a table waiting for our food, the waitress that brought our food out to us saw that we were missionary's. she asked if we were Mormon and we told her that we were then she asked us if we could pray for her she had been sick for some time and was just starting to get back to work. We told that we would and she continued on with her work. After she had left Sister Bowles turned to me and said we should ask her if she would like a blessing. So the next time she came back around we told her about blessing and asked if she would like one because we know some pretty great Elders that could give that. she listened to what we had to say and kindly declined. She told us that she has good faith in the prayers.  We told her if she ever needed one she knows where to look. She thanked us and we parted ways. I love being a missionary for the Lord's church. I know that people are always watching and know that we are true followers of Christ. I love this season of the year and the spirit that comes with it. It's kind of weird to not have snow. But in a way it helps me keep my mind off of home and all the loved ones there. We had several days of rain.  That was fun.  The Lord blesses us every day and I am thankful for that! Love you all lots!
Till we write again
Sister Henderson

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