Monday, December 16, 2013

Ward Christmas Breakfast

Merry Christmas!  From California

We had a ward Christmas breakfast that was super fun, there were members there that we have been working with in getting them back to church. They all seemed to have a fun time, and it was super great to see them there. Something that has come to my attention the last few days is that I have not been the best at is loving those around me. it's kind of makes the work harder when you don't do that. It's even harder to do the work when you don't love your self. I know that sounds selfish but when you can see what the Lord sees in you, you can have the confidence to do his work. when you can love your self  you are able to love others more. something I have been doing when reading the Book of Mormon has been high lighting the word faith in light green and I just finished the Book of Mormon so it's time to start again but this time I will be high lighting love and charity in red. there is a chapter in preach my gospel on Christ like attributes that I have been studying along with my findings in the book of Mormon.
Sorry if any of that didn't make since.
 it just doesn't  seem like Christmas. No snow :(  Well I love you all so much and talk to you later.
                                                                                     Till we write again,
                                                                                       Sister Henderson      

PS I got some tim tams!

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