Monday, March 10, 2014


I really don't know what to say we went on a exchange again this week.  It went well this time I stayed in my area and was with sister Youngberg. I learn so much from her. she reminded me of things I need to do so that I can try to be the best missionary I can be. so yesterday we were going by some people to see if they still lived there and no one was home. finely it was time to go home and we still haven't found anyone. but as we were heading to our car. across the street was this guy and Sister Le with out hesitation went over to him and started talking with him. we didn't talk long but we set up an appointment to meet with him on Wednesday. Sister Le is super great and has been a great example of talking with everyone. I'm Glad everyone at home is busy eating food and important thing like that! love you lots. sorry it's short.

                                                                                                till we write again,

                                                                                                Sister Henderson

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