Monday, March 24, 2014

Mission Prep


This week has been good.  It seemed to be filled with us seeing less active members and doing service. Yesterday we were invited to go to a mission prep class. The youth had prepared to teach a lesson to an investigator. They asked the missionaries to invite the people they were teaching and also people that recently joined the church to come so they can practice with them. We were there to help them out. I had the chance to go be in one of the lesson. It was a youth companionship and a nonmember friend they had brought and me, the only full time missionary in the room. I thought for a second of being worried, but then I felt there was no need, because whatever happens, happens.  We were all going to do our best and trust in the Lord. It turned out really well. The friend had many questions and we were able to answer them and help her understand. The youth did most of the teaching and I filled in the blanks. They did a super job! the spirit was strong in the room. Their friend was prepared to hear the message.  It was fun to see them teach. It helped me see where I started and where I am now.  My ability to teach for understanding has grown more than I thought. I know that the Lord is turning me into something great. Everything is possible with the Lord. I have been learning to overcome my fears one step at a time and that the Lord is right next to me, helping me take those steps. Keep the faith that is ours to have and help others find that faith. I love this great work!  It is here for all of us to do. I love you forever, and you will always be in my prayers. 

Till we write again
Sister Henderson

P.S.  Also we helped in a primary class by helping them want to share the gospel. They're wearing our name tags.  


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