Monday, October 6, 2014

Baptism and Conference

          Hey, conference was super great. we got to see all sessions. the baptism went well. Also the training on obedience. the training gave me a lot of stress I wanted it to go well. but all is well that ends! ( Shon ) 
          I am sad to heir about Margie Carlyle I love her so much she has always been a great example to me! 
          I had no Idea that Kinsey was even dating any one!  I guess that's what happens when you go on a missionI realize that Pocatello and home is a different place than how I left it. so ya. This is the last week in this transfer so by Monday we will know who stays and how goes. My guess is that I will be staying put and the other two will go. Sister Pendleton has been in this area for 9 months now. It's crazy to think that I have one more transfer before I'm done. It doesn't seem real. I feel like this is what my life has always consisted of. 
          Hey so I asked about if you would be okay if I came back to California not to soon after I get home what are your thoughts about that? It also depends on when Shayla takes off. But I would love to hear an opinion on this.
          Also I need to register for school soon, I forgot the paper that I had with the classes I was hoping to take so I'll just send it in the mail. also I sent a package home did you get it?
          Thanks for all the love and support! love you!!!
                                                                        till we write again
                                                                            Sister Henderson      

          Also Go See meet the Mormons it's in theaters on the 10th of this month tell all you friends especially the nonmembers! we got to see it early It is sooooooo goood!!!!!!

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