Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Marco's Baptism


This week was one crazy roller coaster. It seems like the adversary has worked really hard on us this week, so we must be doing something right! A lot of our appointments fell through this week, and the people we have been teaching have been dropping like flies! But despite all that, this week, Marco got baptized on Saturday.  He was someone Sister Young and I taught in Fountain Valley. And I got to go back for the baptism! That was a happy day! Transfers are here and Sister Pendleton and I are still together. We will be in a trio actually.  Sister Redger will be joining us in Whittier. I have served around her a big part of my mission. She has lots of energy that will be fun!!!

I love you all so much.  Keep up the great work over there in the mother land!
Till we write again,

Sister Henderson  

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