Monday, September 1, 2014


Hi!  This week has come and gone. 
          Well this week's theme has been prayers. Yesterday we spoke in church and I spoke on prayers and how the Lord answers us. Most of the time it is on his timing and it's sometime not the answer we want. There is a article in August Ensign. There was some cool experiences this week with answers to prayers. 
    1. We were looking for someone to go with us to a lesson and had about tried everyone we could think of then we thought of this sister in the ward so we called her up. When she answered and we told her it was the sisters she started to cry. She just told us that she had just got done praying and asking the Lord if there was something she could do to be more involved in the gospel and the phone rang and it was us. 
    2. We went by this member that hasn't been to church in a long time. She is trying to get back but someone is working really hard to keep her from going. Her husband and kids are not members and the whole world is coming down on her.  We have not been able to go by for the last few week. But finally were able to go by. She told us that when came, it the right moment. She needed us at that second and that it was an answer to her prayer.
    3. So Sister Pendleton had a prayer answered as well it wasn't a big one but still a witness that God loves all of us and is listening. She needed a new journal and in passing asked God if he could provide her with one. We were at a members home and she told us she got us something and it was a journal! At first Sister Pendleton had forgotten about that conversation with Heavenly Father. But at that end remembered that she spoke to him about that. She wasn't expecting to really get a journal -but got one.
          I know that our Heavenly Father listen to our prayers. A cool acronym I learned out here is PUSH pray until something happens. Don't stop praying. He is there and wants to answer you.
           I love you all so much and thanks to all that pray for me it means a lot.
Till we write again,
Sister Henderson

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