Monday, September 15, 2014

The Week Flies By

          This week flew by for me as well. The threesome is great and was truly inspired. Sister Redger is so funny.  She finds the humor in every situation. The biggest thing I learned this week is to continue to show Charity to others, to keep a brightness of hope, and keeping the faith strong. The trick is how do you maintain and balance these things? There are small and simple things I can do to maintain these, like seeking faith, hope, charity as I read daily, pray always for help, and listen to the testimonies of others. we were challenged this week to find daily miracles or tender mercies each day. And we have seen them. It has reminded me how much God is aware of us and the love he has for us his children. Like this; everything fell into place even when things canceled on us. My invitation to you this week is to try looking for the tender mercies from the Lord this week and see the love God has for you! I love you all so much!
Till we write again,

Sister Henderson

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